Posing Littles

Posing people for a photo that looks natural and comfortable can be challenging. But when you add little ones on top of that who run around, get hungry, fall down, or cry for no reason at all, it takes challenging to a whole new level. Here are a few tips on how to get great photos of little ones without too much bribery! 


Interact with them! Sitting perfectly posed, looking at the camera and smiling, can be a lot to ask of a little person. Not to mention looking at a camera can make them feel shy. But when you direct their focus on you or something that will bring out their adorable smile you can give yourself a window of time to take some quick shots! 


Let them do their thing!! Sometimes giving them directions like sit still, smile, look over here, etc can be overwhelming. Sometimes its best to just keep a relaxing environment and let them explore! You can really capture their personality and document their curiosity! 


Be silly!! No little one can resist a funny face, noise, or joke! Make sure to tap into your inner child and get some natural laughs, even if it's at your expense! Another thing you can do is hold a toy to get their attention or something that makes noise. It works great for fur babies as well! 


Whether its your own little ones or photographing clients, all of these things can apply! If you have any questions or great ideas of your own feel free to comment! 

Finding The Right Photographer

Wedding planning can be a daunting task I know. Having been a bride myself its stressful to find vendors who not only fit your budget but your style and vision for your day. To make the process a little easier I wrote down a few things to consider when looking for the right Wedding Photographer for you. 

When beginning your search, the easiest starting point is asking around. Family and friends are a great place to start to get trusted reviews and recommendations. 


Once you've narrowed down some options take a look at their website and social media. You'll be able to really see the style they showcase as well as their vibe! 


Now you can pick your favorites and reach out either to gather information on their prices or, if you have that information already, to set up a time to meet in person. I alway recommend meeting in person to really get a sense of their personality and make sure you get along well. 


Once you are able to meet in person you should hopefully be able to narrow it down to your top choices! But no matter how friendly a vendor is, keep in mind other very important factors to consider. Their ability to handle the business side of things will make it a lot easier on you, their organization, ability to promptly answer messages/emails, staying on top of your timeline, etc. Its the little extra things that can make all the difference, you shouldn't have to be the one nagging your vendors for help and information. 


And lastly, if possible, give yourself plenty of time to search. Photographers can book up far in advance and it is the worst feeling to be set on a photographer only to have them tell you they are no longer available for your day. Of course if any of you have additional questions shoot me a message!